II. Collections of reviews and other production accounts, recent and historical

Crosse, Gordon. Shakespearean Playgoing 1890-1952. London: A. R. Mowbray & Co. Limited, 1953.

Hazlitt, William. The Round Table/Characters of Shakespear's Plays. 1817. New York: Everyman's Library, 1969.

Plays & Players. A useful periodical to know about for fairly detailed reviews, often with photographs of recent productions.

Salgado, Gamini. Eyewitnesses of Shakespeare: First Hand Accounts of Performances, 1590-1890. New York: Barnes and Noble, 1975. Organized on a play-by-play basis, contains most of the famous accounts in a useful collection.

Shakespeare Bulletin: A Journal of Performance Criticism and Scholarship. Put out by Lafayette College in Easton, PA, this quarterly magazine incorporated the Shakespeare on Film Newsletter a few years ago. It reviews many productions in the USA, the UK and elsewhere.

Shaw, George Bernard. Shaw on Shakespeare. Ed. Edwin Wilson. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., 1961. While this is not the only place to find reprints of Shaw's reviews of late nineteenth and early twentieth century Shakespearean productions, all are collected into one acerbic volume. Shaw's reviews are written against the dominant scenic splendor of his day, and his critique presents the flavor of theater at the time vividly.

Tynan, Kenneth. A View of the English Stage. Frogmore St. Albans: Paladin, 1976.
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